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A wave of change based on information technology is being implemented while foretelling a revolutionary change in human civilization. The 21st Century is an era of unlimited competition. In addition, a balance needed between High-Touch and High-Tech in the era, i.e. several values such as state-of-the-art technology and ingenious thinking, with which you can keep up with global technical experts, a heart-warming attitude toward human and nature and cultural attainment should be balanced to give you a competitive edge.YIT does its best to train creative students who can proactively accommodate social changes and lead these changes. The educational philosophy and objective of YIT is 'Training a humane expert' who should be creative and future-oriented to meet the requirements of this era.
As our life is just like a voyage, you might get lost if having no clear target and orientation. Your indomitable challenging spirit and youth to attain a goal in your life will give an impetus to the fulfillment of YIT vision. With our determination of ' the Second Founding', we have prepared state-of-the-art education programs with optimal education environment to boost YIT to the level of encouraging 'Young energy challenging the world'(Youth), 'Challenges to a professional'(Idea) and 'Flying toward the blue sky (Try)'. With investment in every field including a beautiful campus, cutting-edge facilities, excellent teaching staff, promotion of Industry and Education Cooperation programs, we commit ourselves to being the best in every field of education. At YIT, you can easily come across many people who willingly and cordially care about your future. We guarantee that your expectations and efforts will be fulfilled. A gleeful place of youth, love and intelligence! YIT always waits for you who will participate in carving out a new era as a leading role. We invite you as our partner. Come and attain your goal at YIT!